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Browse from a wide selection of crosses, crucifixes and faith based symbol charms and pendants. All charms are original designs hand crafted in the United States and are available in sterling silver, gold vermeil and solid 14 karat gold.

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Hand Pendant - CharmworksHand Pendant - Charmworks
Hand Pendant Sale priceFrom $65.00
Nativity Scene Charm - CharmworksNativity Scene Charm - Charmworks
Nativity Scene Charm Sale priceFrom $50.00
Chi Rho Charm - CharmworksChi Rho Charm - Charmworks
Chi Rho Charm Sale priceFrom $50.00
Clasped Hands Charm - CharmworksClasped Hands Charm - Charmworks
Clasped Hands Charm Sale priceFrom $55.00
Celtic Cross Pendant - CharmworksCeltic Cross Pendant - Charmworks
Celtic Cross Pendant Sale priceFrom $60.00
Butterfly Cross Pendant - CharmworksButterfly Cross Pendant - Charmworks
Butterfly Cross Pendant Sale priceFrom $60.00
Greek Cross Charm - CharmworksGreek Cross Charm - Charmworks
Greek Cross Charm Sale priceFrom $50.00
Ginkgo Leaf Charm - CharmworksGinkgo Leaf Charm - Charmworks
Ginkgo Leaf Sale priceFrom $40.00
Peace Sign Charm - CharmworksPeace Sign Charm - Charmworks
Peace Sign Charm Sale priceFrom $40.00
Peace Sign Pendant - CharmworksPeace Sign Pendant - Charmworks
Peace Sign Pendant Sale priceFrom $65.00
Landing Dove Charm - CharmworksLanding Dove Charm - Charmworks
Landing Dove Charm Sale priceFrom $30.00
Crucifix Pendant - CharmworksCrucifix Pendant - Charmworks
Crucifix Pendant Sale priceFrom $40.00
Cupped Hands Charm - CharmworksCupped Hands Charm - Charmworks
Cupped Hands Charm Sale priceFrom $50.00
Healing Hand Pendant - CharmworksHealing Hand Pendant - Charmworks
Healing Hand Pendant Sale priceFrom $50.00
Rose Cross Pendant - CharmworksRose Cross Pendant - Charmworks
Rose Cross Pendant Sale priceFrom $60.00
Simple Butterfly Cross Charm - CharmworksSimple Butterfly Cross Charm - Charmworks
Simple Butterfly Cross Charm Sale priceFrom $45.00