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Browse a wide selection of exotic animal kingdom charms and pendants. All charms are original designs hand crafted in the United States and are available in sterling silver, gold vermeil and solid 14 karat gold.

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Kiwi Charm - CharmworksKiwi Charm - Charmworks
Kiwi Charm Sale priceFrom $60.00
Owl And Moon Pendant - CharmworksOwl And Moon Pendant - Charmworks
Owl And Moon Pendant Sale priceFrom $50.00
Deer Skull Charm - CharmworksDeer Skull Charm - Charmworks
Deer Skull Charm Sale priceFrom $40.00
Spider Pendant - CharmworksSpider Pendant - Charmworks
Spider Pendant Sale priceFrom $60.00
Octopus Pendant - CharmworksOctopus Pendant - Charmworks
Octopus Pendant Sale price$160.00
Ridley Sea Turtle Charm - CharmworksRidley Sea Turtle Charm - Charmworks
Ridley Sea Turtle Charm Sale priceFrom $40.00
Bat Charm - CharmworksBat Charm - Charmworks
Bat Charm Sale priceFrom $40.00
Quail Pendant - CharmworksQuail Pendant - Charmworks
Quail Sale priceFrom $40.00
Opossum Baby Pendant - CharmworksOpossum Baby Pendant - Charmworks
Opossum Baby Pendant Sale priceFrom $60.00
Harp Seal Pup Charm - CharmworksHarp Seal Pup Charm - Charmworks
Harp Seal Pup Charm Sale priceFrom $40.00
Wolf Paw Print Heart Pendant - CharmworksWolf Paw Print Heart Pendant - Charmworks
Wolf Paw Print Heart Pendant Sale priceFrom $50.00
Goat Charm - CharmworksGoat Charm - Charmworks
Goat Charm Sale priceFrom $40.00
Dromedary Camel - CharmworksDromedary Camel - Charmworks
Dromedary Camel Sale priceFrom $50.00
Cow And Calf Charm - CharmworksCow And Calf Charm - Charmworks
Cow And Calf Charm Sale priceFrom $40.00
Platypus Charm - CharmworksPlatypus Charm - Charmworks
Platypus Charm Sale priceFrom $60.00
Fox Charm - CharmworksFox Charm - Charmworks
Fox Charm Sale priceFrom $65.00