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What Are Types & How Do We Measure Our Charms?

Charm Types:

Our charms and pendants come in a variety of shapes and sizes. To make your purchasing decisions easier, we have included the "type" on each of the product pages with a more detailed description below!

Cutout: these charms are designed using a silhouette of the object in question. The design is placed on sheet silver and then carefully cut out to form the master. They most resemble a line drawing of the subject.

Bead: this type has no loop or bale to attach it to chain, but rather the chain or bracelet passes through the charm itself.

Flat: created by cutting a design from a sheet of silver. These charms are perfectly flat, and may have designs cut into their surfaces.

Flat Back: this charm type will appear three dimensional from the front, but has a flat back so that it will lie flat when worn as a necklace.

Hollow Back: sometimes we will remove material from the back of a charm in order to reduce its weight, thus making it lighter and more affordable for you, our loving consumers!

Three Dimensional: as the name states, this charm is completely three dimensional and is completely solid.

How Do We Measure Our Charms?

All length measurements listed on the product pages, are measured from the top of the loop or bail to the bottom of the charm as it hangs when worn. See pictures below.