Charmworks: Sterling Silver and Gold Charms and Jewlery - Micro-sculptures

Hand Crafted in the USA

Charms are designed, cast and finished in our shop only.

History and Meaning

Charms have been a part the human experience for thousands of years. Early man would pick up an interestingly shaped or colored stone and carry it with him as a talisman of protection or good luck.

The word charm connotes magical properties. Eventually small carvings or fetishes were created by these early peoples. Carved of stone, shell, ivory or wood, these small trinkets were an important part of the spiritual world of early man. Many were carved with zoomorphic or anthropomorphic figures or geometric designs. Collections of such "charms" have been found in the archeological remains of many cultures.

Over the ages charms have been created out of many different materials and have taken many forms. Charms of precious metals were most likely first made of gold and people adorned themselves with this precious metal. From simple shapes such as stars, hearts or crosses to intricate carvings of animals, shells or flowers, charms have a symbolic meaning for those who wear them.

Today charms are worn to express ourselves or commemorate special occasions and can still evoke strong feelings. Charms can represent our passions, interests and hobbies. Charms make wonderful, personal gifts and last for generations. Charms remind us of special people, places or events. A charm is a cherished gift to give or receive.

Many charms have specific meanings. Here are some of our most popular charms and their meanings:

  • Dolphin- joy and fun
  • Butterfly- colorful life
  • Cross or Angel- blessed life
  • Dragonfly- good fortune
  • Elephant- cherished memories
  • Flower- blossoming love
  • Heart- true love
  • Key- happy home
  • Ladybug or Shamrock- good luck
  • Star- wishes granted
  • Rose- beauty
  • Owl- wisdom