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An amazing assortment of animal and animal related charms and pendants. Both realistic and whimsical versions of the animals you love. Wild and domestic creatures represented in jewelry. Keepsakes for you to treasure. Handcrafted, original designs, made in the USA.

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Tyrannosaurus Rex Charm - CharmworksTyrannosaurus Rex Charm - Charmworks
Tyrannosaurus Rex Charm Sale priceFrom $40.00
Great Plains Toad Pendant - CharmworksGreat Plains Toad - CharmWorks
Great Plains Toad Pendant Sale price$120.00
Whiptail Lizard Pendant - CharmworksWhiptail Lizard - CharmWorks
Whiptail Lizard Pendant Sale price$120.00
Sea Otter Pendant - CharmworksSea Otter - CharmWorks
Sea Otter Pendant Sale price$120.00
Elephant Mama And Baby Pendant - CharmworksElephant Mama And Baby Pendant - Charmworks
Elephant Mama And Baby Pendant Sale priceFrom $50.00
Polar Bear Charm - CharmworksPolar Bear Charm - Charmworks
Polar Bear Charm Sale priceFrom $50.00
Bunny Rabbit Pendant - CharmworksBunny Rabbit Pendant - Charmworks
Bunny Rabbit Pendant Sale priceFrom $60.00
Gorilla Pendant - CharmworksGorilla - Charmworks
Gorilla Pendant Sale price$120.00
Baby Elephant Charm - CharmworksBaby Elephant Charm - Charmworks
Baby Elephant Charm Sale priceFrom $65.00
Fox Pendant - CharmworksFox Pendant - Charmworks
Fox Pendant Sale priceFrom $70.00
Baby Elephant Pendant - CharmworksBaby Elephant - Charmworks
Baby Elephant Pendant Sale price$120.00
Mouse Sitting Up Charm - CharmworksMouse Sitting Up Charm - Charmworks
Mouse Sitting Up Charm Sale priceFrom $40.00
Snail Charm - CharmworksSnail Charm - Charmworks
Snail Charm Sale priceFrom $40.00
Book Worm - CharmworksBook Worm - Charmworks
Book Worm Charm Sale priceFrom $40.00
Dog - CharmworksDog - Charmworks
Dog Sale priceFrom $40.00
Bat Charm - CharmworksBat Charm - Charmworks
Bat Charm Sale priceFrom $40.00