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Article: Jewelry Aesthetics for the year 2020

Jewelry Aesthetics for the year 2020

Jewelry Aesthetics for the year 2020

The year 2020 has been a roller coaster ride for all of us. We have made ourselves comfortable with online shopping as a result of subsequent lockdowns and the shutting of our favorite malls and shopping centers.

Gold vermeil jewelry and Shell charms became statement jewelry pieces and were most popular throughout 2020. Gold vermeil is a high-quality gold plating in which a thick layer of gold is coated on a silver jewelry piece. This technique was developed in France in the 18th century and has been an essential part of women's fashion. Shell charms, on the other hand, compliment boho fashion aesthetics. Many influencers across countries were spotted posing with these beautiful trinkets on their social media handles.

The 2020 aesthetics

Shells charms and Gold vermeil jewelry have dominated fashion aesthetics always, as they can go along with any outfit. Gold vermeil jewelry, in particular, suits women of all age groups and can be paired with your daily wear.

Today's world of fashion is influenced by the layering of different kinds of chains while keeping aesthetics in mind. Gold vermeil jewelry and Shell charms can be used in alternative layers, giving a fusion vibe. It flaunts a boho look and compliments your dressing style. Choose a broad-necked dress so that the layering stands out. Start with a small chain, preferably a gold vermeil trinket, and gradually increase the size of your chains and charms.
This beautiful fusion has dominated the fashion industry throughout 2020 and it continues to evolve. Create your own unique style by combining your favorite pieces.

Shell charms in bracelets or anklets add to the beachy vibe. Put on a floral dress, pair it up with a shell charm anklet and grab your sunglasses to pose like a fashionista at the beach this summer.
Shell charms are thought to bring good luck. These beautiful jewelry pieces can be added to an existing necklace or long chains. They are very trendy and can be customized to suit your personality.

Care for gold vermeil jewelry

Gold vermeil jewelry needs special care because it is susceptible to changes that can make it dull over time. Taking care of your trinkets can ensure longevity. These are some of the tips that we suggest to our readers:

  • Avoid wearing gold vermeil jewelry while swimming.
  • Avoid wearing gold vermeil jewelry in a sultry weather
  • Avoid using perfume or hair spray on your trinkets
  • Wipe your gold vermeil jewelry with a soft cotton cloth
  • Keep your jewelry piece in a plastic bag to avoid air contact
  • Store in a cool, dark place away from sunlight.

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