10 Fun Facts About Dinosaur

Dinosaurs were some of the most humongous, strong, powerful, and outlandish creatures that have lived on earth. For more than 165 million years they roamed the planet. Although these creatures have been extinct for 65 million years, people still show so much interest in these creatures. We see archeologists finding physical remains for research, filmmakers making movies about dinosaurs, and some of us even love to wear dinosaur charm necklaces, bracelets, and earrings as fashion, using jewelry to express our adoration and admiration for dinosaurs. So what were dinosaurs like? You probably are curious too. So here are some fun facts about these prehistoric creatures.

  1. The word “Dinosaur” means ‘terrible lizard’ in the Greek language. They were called this because of their enormous size and not because the creatures were particularly terrible.
  2. Dinosaurs came from eggs. Imagine how large they might have been. The first fossilized dinosaur eggs found (still the biggest to be found) was 1 foot long (30 cm) and 10 inches wide (25 cm).
  3. According to some research, birds we see today are believed to have evolved from dinosaurs.
  4. Most dinosaurs had small brains as compared to their heads and were about as intelligent as modern reptiles.
  5. Still, no one is completely sure about the extinction of dinosaurs. Most believed it to have been a massive asteroid that crashed into the earth or due to a gigantic volcanic eruption.
  6. Although dinosaurs are mostly known for being very large, there were many dinosaurs that were actually very small. Smaller than a turkey.
  7. Plant-eating dinosaurs were the biggest dinosaurs and those that fed on meat were much smaller.
  8. Argentinosaurus is the longest and the heaviest dinosaur discovered to date. It reaches up to 70 feet (21.4 meters) in height and 120 feet (36.6 meters) in length.
  9. For protection, most of the plant-eating dinosaurs had natural weapons like horns and spikes to protect themselves.
  10. Unlike the animals that we find these days, dinosaurs were neither cold-blooded nor hot-blooded, but somewhere in between.

What happened to dinosaurs is a mystery. While we wait for the facts, we can still celebrate the strength, hugeness, oddness, and greatness of these prehistoric creatures that lived on earth with dinosaur charms.

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